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REO Services

REO Services –

Equator Certified Equator ID 1876085 Certified Agent ID 319172
MLS®, website and media-rich property promotion.
Virtual tours/videos for all properties (photo and live motion video) including YouTube website.
Direct investor marketing.
Detailed photos showing the condition of the property (prevent fallout from investors who bid sight-unseen)
Guaranteed 24-hour occupancy checks and weekly reporting. BPO: 48 hour or less turn around for both drive by and full interior Broker Price Opinions.
Weekly property inspections.
Accurate MSR reports with new comparable properties.
CFK (Cash-for-keys): Experienced and considerate negotiation with all occupants.
Eviction: Coordination with Sheriffs office and personal oversight of evictions.
Re-Key: Coordination with a contractor to re-key all entryway locks using client-specific key codes & LB combinations.
Secure: Ensuring that all properties are properly secured from unauthorized entry.
Trash-Out: Management and Post Inspection
Repairs and Rehabs: Extensive reliable contractor database with a quick turnaround for Bids.
Landscape Maintenance: Coordination and regular inspection of all lawn landscaping maintenance per client guidelines.
Seasonal: Winterization, Debris Removal (as necessary)
Expert Contract Negotiation: Efficient and professional per client guidelines.
Coordination of all documents from contract to close to ensure timely closings.
Auction Coordination: Oversight, coordination, and attendance (if necessary).
Communication: State-of-the-art technology for best-in-class client service.
Showing: Multiple buyer's agents available to quickly show properties in all areas serviced.
Any client specific needs not mentioned will be added for your convenience.

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